Installing Your Camp Sizzler

The Camp Sizzler should be planted in an area where rain water will naturally run away from it. Water should not run from the surrounding area into the hole around and under the stove.

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Dig the hole at least 14" wide by 26" long and 12" deep. That should allow for at least 3" gravel around and under the stove. It is a good idea to dig an 8" sump hole in the center of the hole to allow better drainage for any water that might fall in or on the stove.

Place 3/4" size gravel in the hole up to a level of 9" from the ground level. Pack and level the gravel. Set the stove in the center of the hole and make sure it is level. Fill the hole about 4" with 3/4" size gravel up to the level of about 5" from the ground level.

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Now it is time to insulate the stack with 2" or 3" of non combustible insulation of your choice. One of the simplest ways to do this is to form a 12" or 14" tube from 1/2" hardware cloth. Place it around the stack and fill it with 3/4" size gravel for insulation. If you are looking for a more polished look river rock is also a good choice. Brick or any other decorative rock is also a good insulator.

Fill the hole with 3/4" size gravel up to the ground level. Pack dirt on top of the gravel so that any rain water that falls near the stove will flow away from it. Note: the small amount of water that falls directly into the stove will end up in the gravel under the stove and will not be a problem.

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