Why is Camp Sizzler more efficient?

The fire chamber is insulated which reduces heat lost in all directions and the stack funnels the heat directly to the cooking surface. The extreme heat in the fire chamber also results in a more efficient burn. The ashes are almost completely consumed and the long hot stack consumes gases that would otherwise be lost.

What is a rocket stove?

Learn more about rocket stoves HERE. Rocket Stoves have received many awards for their efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Camp Sizzler  is designed to produce more heat than most rocket stoves making it better suited for canning, distilling water and cooking.

Will Camp Sizzler fill with rain water?

No. Camp Sizzler has drainage holes in the bottom of the fire chamber to allow rain water to drain. Camp Sizzler should be planted in an area that is slightly above ground level to avoid natural water accumulation.

Does it take longer to can on Camp Sizzler?

Camp Sizzler is designed to produce plenty of heat for canning. Canning with Camp Sizzler takes the same amount of time or less as canning on an electric stove.

Can I use Camp Sizzler indoors?

Camp Sizzler in an outdoor stove and is NOT designed or approved for indoor use.

How do I clear the ash out of Camp Sizzler?

Because of the high temperature in the fire chamber, Camp Sizzer produces very little ash. If excessive ash builds up in the fire chamber it can be easily scooped out with a small hand shovel.

Can I insulate Camp Sizzler with something besides quarry rock?

Yes! You can use decorative rock, brick or any other type of non-flammable insulation that you prefer.

Do I have to install Camp Sizzler to use it?

Yes. Although Camp Sizzler will work without installation, the hot metal stack must be insulated to prevent serious burns. Insulation also improves efficiency.